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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  September 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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it is 6:00 a.m. breaking overnight, firefighters rescue a 5-year- old girl from a burning home. we have more details in just a broncos' linebacker brandon marshall takes a knee during the national anthem. plenty of people are sounding off this morning. first, let's give you a live look outside. happy friday, everybody. a loof little tired. >> voice is a little gone. >> screaming at the tv or at the game last night. >> it's time to relax. and they won, it was well worth it. you had to watch until the end. wireless camera, this in limon this morning. we have patchy fog out east. you can see there, though, mix of sun and clouds. gorgeous. a lot of sunshine. we are tracking a cold front and last night conditions were perfect for the game. today with that front rolling
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cooler. we'll be in the low 70s by noon. walking out the door to 50s this morning. i'd send the kids with a sweatshirt. 77 for a high by 3:00. then 72 by 6:00, which means there's going to be a bit of a chill in the air tonight. down south warmer. pueblo 89. here's your first alert that this is a dry system. we have a better chance of showers next week. a pretty smooth drive. we are starting to see more traffic on the freeways, and not seeing accidents or other this is the 120th drive here and there's southbound, the head light going south past community center drive and eventually to 104th avenue. northbound side is wide open past 136th and eventually to loveland and longmont. take a look at the drive on 225. starting to get a little bit more crowded south of yosemite, but ovvrall not too bad. five to six minutes coming down from parker road. 270 getting a little bit busier.
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otherrise a smooth start. breaking overnight, one person is dead and another in the hoopital after a crash on highway 105. colorado state patrol says one car went off the road, this waa after 9:00 last night. they believe the driver was speeding. a man and his 5-year-old girl, 5-year-old daughter, rather, are in the hospital as a result of a fire in lakewood. this happened at a home near kipling and morrison road. west metro fire had to rescue the girl. closet on the second floor. the back of the home is badly damaged. west metro fire is looking into how it started. also breaking overnight, one person is dead after a house fire in colorado springs. arson investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started and how the victim died. well, this is the video the whole country is talking about this morning. we're talking broncos' linebacker brandon marshall taking a knee during the national anthem. >> he says he did it to protest
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teammates. but some have a problem with this form of protest. >> denver 7's jason gruenauer is livv at mile high stadium with more on the fallout. jason. >> reporter: yes, and we knew an nfl player would do this during the nfl regular season. it just so happened to be a member of the denver broncos on the first game of the 2016 season, on a nationally televised game. colin kaepernick started this movement sitting on the bench, and taking a knee. flag that "oppresses black people." marshall was a teammate of kaepernick at nevada and fraternity brother of his. last night in front of basically the whole football watching country, taking that knee as a sign of protest. we spoke to marshall afterwards, really a swarm of reporters did, at his locker after the game. they weren't talking about his hits on cam newton, it was all
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take a listen. >> i'm not against the military, the police or america at all. i'm against social injustice and i feel like this was the right thing tt do. i feel like this is the right platform -- this is our only platform to really be heard. >> reporter: marshall says he hopes that this will help in sparking that conversation. it definitely sparked a lot on social media. people tweeting really hhteful things against him. if you go through and just kind of look they're pretty nasty stuff. and there's also people all about his rights, his freedom of speech and to protest. as for the denver broncos, they say that they encourage their players to stand during the national anthem, but respect their decisions if they deeide not to. marshall says he plans to continue not standing in future games. live at sports authority field at mile high, jason gruenauer, denver 7. many broncos' fans are more interested in talking about
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this was a solid performance from quarterback trevor siemian. he threw two interceptions early, but calmed down in the fourth quarter and trusted the running game to bring home a win. >> of course, in order to get that win, we have to talk about that missed field goal. panthers kicker hit it on the first try, but it didn't count because coach kubiak just called timeout. on the second try, he shanked the ball to the left. the broncos beat the panthers months. we'll have more on the game throughout our morning show. you can find the highlights on our free denver 7 app. a douglas county sheriff's deputy, dan brite, shot in the line of duty a week ago is still in the hospital. denver7's katie lasalle is live outside the hospital this morning. today we are expecting an update on his condition. >> reporter: that's right, nicole. good morning to you. at last check doctors have told
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condition was progressively getting better. but he was listed in very critical condiiion following tte shooting that happened last friday. today we are expecting to learn more about his condition and exactly what happened here about a week ago. what we do know this morning is last friday detective brite responded to a suicidal suspect who was heavily armed at the time. nearby schools went into lockdown and the 40-year-old suspect died in that shootout. since then detective brite's family has received an outpouring of support from all around the parker community. today the douglas county sheriff and the district attorney are expected to talk about the current status of this ongoing investigation. also, the trauma medical director is expected to speak on the life saving care provided by the people at the hospital and talk about the detective's current condition. finally, detective brite's brother, steve, will speak on behalf of the family and thank the community for the outpouring of support they have shown.
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active investigation. the press conference starts here at the hospital right at 8:30 this morning. we'll be here to bring you more information as soon as we receive it about his condition and exactly what's happened here this past week. reporting live in parker this morning, katie lasalle, denver 7. a bombshell in the scientific community. the cu board of regents revokes a phd for a pharmaceutical researcher who graduated in 2013. investigators times in his thesis. they say 10 of his published papers should be retracted. the university spokesman tells "the denver post" he can not remember anyone having their phd revoked in recent years. the daughter of a good samaritan killed says she is not surprised her dad tried to help after a road rage incident. we told you about this incident3 yesterday morning. a driver got out of a car and started banging on anotherr driver's window. the other driver tried to get
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angry man. that's when the good samaritan, help. both le and the road rage instigator were hit by an oncoming car and both died. >> that was so like him to get out of the car and help somebody who needed something. he was a great guy. >> the driver who hit the two men stayed on the scene to help. the d.a. has said no one will face charges in this case. come take a good look at this video. look on the left. you're going to see a man walk this same man they say was caught looking into the window of a 17-year-old girl in arvada, into ler bedroom. at one point he approaches the front door, but decides not to walk in. this video was taken about a month ago. but the creep is still out there. if you want to take a closer look, we have this video on our web site, campus police at cu boulder released this surveillance picture of the man accused of
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the victim says she was grabbed inappropriately from behind when she was walking along an underpass at broadway and college avenue. the person of interest is described as a white man with a reddish beard. this next story might make you reconsider where you bank. wells fargo is getting fined $185 million for scamming its own customers. they opened fake accounts and cashed in account. 5300 former employees have been fired for their part in this scheme. and wells fargo will have to pay back customers who were charged for these phony accounts. this weekend marks 15 years since the september 11th traggdy. more than 3,000 people lost their lives that day, and tens of thousands of people risked their lives to pull people out of the debris. >> our city will honor those emergency workers on sunday in
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will boeing be there. roads all around civic center park are going to be closed for that ceremony. >> jayson luber joins us now. seems like we've been talking about a lot of closures and >> we had them in place for taste of colorado and for the nfl kickoff village yesterday. now we'll have them also for that september 11th remembrance program that will happen here at civic ceeter park. so right now we still have 14th closed and they'll remain closed throughout sunday. the one change is broadway, from 16th or colfax or so down tt about 13th. that is going to be the major one that will be closed down sunday. also restrictions on colfax and lincoln street, because there will be a lot of pedesttian traffic. be aware of that, but they should be lifted and moved out of the way by monday morning. the cu campus had a special visitor yesterday. a black bear.
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lake along the edge of campus at university. >> marks and wild -- parks and wildlife were going to leave him alone. he was just hanging out in that ravine and he climbed up into a3 tree. it is now 6:11. a 5 5-year-old girl suspended for brrnging a bubble maker to school. scary developments overseas. north korea claims it has built% a nuclear war head. how the u.s. is responding this morning. almost 6:15. we've got a beautiful start to our day. look at our bus stop planner. the kids will need a sweatshirt early on. by this afternoon, heading home, a cooler day. cold front is rolling through
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now everyone can afford to go organic. o organics, exclusively at safeway. ? ? ? isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. k seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. we're tracking a deeeloping story in north korea.
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nuclear war head it can mount to a bbllistic missile. they say they held another test yesterday, registering as a magnitude 5.3 earthquake. it is 6:15. a denver 7 investigation leads to policy changes and new training at the brighton 27 j school district. our station was the first to tell you about a 5-year-old girl suspended because she brought a bubble maker to class. this may. at first the school district cited its weapons poli. now the district says it has updated that policy to better define weapons. this summer the district trained administrators in using ?iscretion for weapons relattd discipline. >> we appreciate denver 7 bringing the parents' concerns to our attention so we could address those. >> we talked to the mother of the girl suspended. she said the training is a step in the right direction and her daughter's record no longer says she brought a weapon to
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check her out. 101-year-old gladys brown from louisville just crossed hot air ballooning off her bucket list. lease a cool lady and a u.s. navy veteran. last year she spent her 100th birthday in a world war ii fighter plane. >> what is she going to do next year, jump out of an airplane? 3 i wonder if she's doing sky diving yet. >> you go, girl. >> awesome. there's a cold front yesterday near 90. today cooler. mid, upper 70s by this afternoon. very fall-like. good looking stuff. >> i like it. >> good football weather today. last night it was great, too. but a lot warmer than normal. from 90s to 70s, here's your first alert headlines. it is going to get warmer this weekend. low to upper 80s. then we'reracking a stronger cold front. next week there ill be a better chance for some rain. from our viera wireless camera in limon, beautiful start.
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cover. some beautiful colors. then if you get farther east, on i-70, there in burlington you can see some of the fog. it is patchy out east. winds are starting to shift direction, anywhere from about 10 to 15 mileser hour, coming out of the north with this front moving through. we're going to see skies clear out east and the front itself is a pretty dry system. at least for us here in town, you're going to find by 12:00, clear skies, a lot of sunshine. even aafew spotty storms and to akron. if this cold front was rolling through colorado this afternoon, we would see a chance for severe weather. but it's going to be in through the middle of the country as it shifts farther east this afternoon. that's where they're going to get the stronger storms. early tomorrow morning, 9:00, 9:30, chilly but sunny. temperatures today in the low 70s by noon. upper 70s betweennabout 2:00 and 4:00.
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by 8:00 we're at 62. clear skies into early tomorrow morning. that's going to ead to upper 40s, low 50s saturday. today boulder, you're topping out at 75. highlaads ranch 79. and in bennett 76. if you're heading to the mountains, a lot of sunshine expected there this weekend, with highs in the 60s and 70s. still really hot. in pueblo and lamar, upper 80s this afternoon. 77 today. we're a few degrees warmer saturday. low 80s saturday. here's you bit warmer. we're closer to 90 on sunday, and this is the next cold front we're tracking. this one is going to bring more storms, more showers and our temperatures will feel preety fall-like all next week. potentially some 60s on tuesday. we'll keep an eye on that. but do look for a better chance of rain. pretty smooth driving. latest accident in aurora, westbound side of alameda before sable. you can see i-70, we're waiting
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airtracker7 is at 36, by mccaslin getting into boulder, looking pretty nice. there is an issue in boulder. let me show you what's going on. now 270 is one of the slowest drive around york, typical. tte rest of the ride on 36 looks pretty nice. not too far from 19th and iris we have a police situation in the neighborhood through here. that's where airtracker7 will be checking out what's going on. sounds fairly residential. not going to be fe drive too much there in north boulder. we'll give you an idea of what happens in a little bit. rest of the ride to the south side looks pretty nice. the drive in the high country, i-70 at georgetown, it is wide open, looking great. we will see an increase of traffic, not like for the holiday weekend, but more traffic later on today into the high country. well, we are all enjoying yet another victory over the carolina panthers. this morning a lot of you probably going to need an extra cup of coffee. >> or two, or three.
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win, moving forward? our sports team, woody paige and lionel bienvenu are breaking down the matchup. >> reporter: it was a glorious it started with a championship celebration, peyton manning coming out holding the trophy, john elway holding the trophy agaii, celebrating the win over the panthers seven months ago. it ended wiih a celebration. trevor siemian running off the field with his hands held high, just like payton came in. they beat the panthers again for months and 1-0 to start the season. >> reporter: i think if i were the panthers, i'd say enough of this, we don't want to play them anymore. next year they won't have to play them, won't come around for another three or four years. they're probably happy about that. they saw what happened in the super bowl and the situation when they did get in the situation at the end of the game, the field goal. they kicked it and it was successful. buttgary kubiak called a timee
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>> i'll tell you what i told the guys, i'm proud of them. close game, we won because we continued to battle and battle and believe at the same time we had so many mistakes and i will not let up on them. we survived tonight. >> reporter: the broncos knock off the number one team in just about everybody's power rankings. >> reporter: not anymore. >> reporter: not a lot of win, but i think trevor siemian, baptism under firegainst a good defense. got the turnovers out of the way early. what do you look for him to do in game two? >> reporter: i think we'll see the advancement that you always want out of a young quarterback. this is going to be nothing but another confidence builder for this team. the defense will be saying, we ?old you guys. and the offense will say, we're better than what you think. good for all us.
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happy. back to you guys in the studio. coming up later this morning, were the panthers playing dirty? this is a denver 7 exclusive as a broncos' star calls out the performance. a colorado couple arrested after their child passes out. doctors say the teen was so malnourished, he looked like he
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welcome back. governor john hickenlooper says he is afraid of heights, but yesterday he still decided to in downtown denver. >> wow. in his broncos jersey, of course. and more people will bb rappeling down the building over the weekend, all to raise awareness for cancer league of colorado. the group has already raised about $350,000 from this. but i wanted audio on that. >> yes. >> how this is really going down. a beautiful start. look at this shot. this is from loveland ski area. a lot of sunshine this morning. you are going to feel the
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here's your cheat sheet on this friday. a cold front is rolling through as we speak. so we're going to see temperatures only in the 70s today versus yesterday's 90s. but it will get warmer this weekend. we're back in the 80s this weekend. take a look at this, we're well into the 70s today and that's nice. well below normal. a viewer just told me on my facebook page, said the accident here on the westbound side of alameda at sable, we reported the accident a little bit ago, before you would get right over here, the westbound side. she says it's pretty serious, right after the big aurora municipal building there. they're saying there are even lanes blocked and they're being rerouted through a parking lot. westbound side of alameda from chambers to available is restricted. i'll try to get more details from aurora police. you might be rerouted through a parking lot coming out of your
6:27 am
denver restaurant. this morning, new details about the suspect. it's the protest everyone %
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it is 6:30 and we are following breaking news out of boulder. a swat situation taking place now. this is a live look from airtracker7. we can see different police cars on the ground. this is a residential neighborhood near the area of 19th and iris. jayson will have an update in just a moment. the other story we're following this morning, the victim of that random stabbing is going to get support from the community tomorrow night. this morning, though, we're going to tell you what we know about the suspect. the broncos say one panthers player should be suspended for his actions inn last night's game. these are comments you'll see only on denver 7 this morning.
6:31 am
headlines for what he didn't do during the national anthem. >> we'll tell you why brandon marshall decided to protest. but first, we're going to check in with lisa hidalgo and your first alert forecast. cooler temperatures moving in as we speak. gorgeous last night for the game. today you're going to find a lot of sunshine like yesterday. no big change when it comes to that to our skies. but look at our temperatures. yesterday we were topping out today we'll be in the low 70s at noon, uppee 70s by 3:00, with just a few clouds by 6:00. pretty dry with this system. but a lot cooler tonight into early tomorrow morning. you've got boulder at 75 today. highlands ranch upper 70s. and in aurora ssme low to mid- 70s. it is going to be a cooler day today. heading into the weekend, here's your first alert that temperatures will climb, i'll show you the warmup coming up in a few minutes. delays in aurora now, not
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traffic on 225, you can see it at yosemite. watch maybe this van, see if he tries to cut in. i've seen a lot of that. they should at dtc, they'll cut in and get right in line and try to skirt around some of those drivers, which is not a good thing to do. take a look at the drive that way. big problem on the westbound side of alamedd, before sable after chambers. rerouting you through the parking accident that has the lanes blocked. no estimate when they'll get the lanes open. north side getting busier and obviously we have that police situation in boulder, that's really not causing a big traffic issue, just curiosity not too far from 19th and iris. at 6:32, in a few hours this man will face a judge. his name is anthony ealy. denver police say he split a man -- slit a man's throat
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act of violence. this happened on west 32nd in the highlands. the victim suffered serious injuries. the restaurant will hold a benefit for him tomorrow night at 5:00. the suspect being held for investigation of attempted murder, as well as first degree assault. it has been more than a week since this "denver post" reporter carlene o'conner was hit and killed at the intersection of 1st and downing. police say the man who hit her may have been drunk at the time he's charged with vehicular homicide while driving drunk. but police are still waiting for the results of several blood tests. he's out on bond this morning. it was definitely a late night for a lot of broncos' fans for those watching at home, and especially for those trying to navigate all the traffic outside of the stadium. but it was so worth it to watch the team pull out another last- second victory. a lot of people, though, are talking about a moment before kickoff. talking about brandon marshall taking a knee during the
6:34 am
to call this controversial. denver7's jason gruenauer is breaking down the backlash for us this morning. jason. >> reporter: yes. and as with anything controversial, we're talking about two sides of reaction. one on social media, some teammates who came out on twitter in suppoot of marshall. then we're talking about a good amount of people in the general public with twitter and facebook, spitting anger and hatred back at him. let's stick with the broncos for a second. head coach gary kubiak said after about marshall's decision to take that knee in solidarity with colin kaepernick in protest of social injustice as he called it, kubiak said basically his response was two- fold, one growing up he was always told to follow his own beliefs, which includes supporting the national anthem, flag and country. but he was also raised to believe that other people have rights to their own beliefs. he was down the middle,,as were
6:35 am
players to stand, but would respect their decision not. after marshall was greeted by a swarm of reporters at his locker. >> i felt like i would lose a lot of fans, who knows, might lose endorsements or whatever the case may be. i really sat there and thought, take. and i did it and i don't regret it. >> reporter: marshall also undisclosed amount of money to local veterans charities. he said he had family members in the military and this was not anti-military or anti- police, but anti-social injustice. he says he plans to continue to not stand for the national anthem as we move on. 3 as for the rest of this nfl weekend, we do expect several more players to be making headlines. we'll have to wait and see how many take a knee. live at sports authority field
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that is not the only drama. at least one broncos' player is accusing the panthers of playing dirty. derek wolfe spoke to our broncos insider troy renck and he blasted one of the panthers' guard. they said turner should have been ejected. he was actually targeting me. that's how he is. he should be fined. write that. you can find more on our free denver malnourished, blind and autistic teen is expected to be in court for child abuse. the state says the father was more concernnd about how it affect his social security payments. the jury is still out in the case of lester jones.
6:37 am
grand junction woman, paige birgfeld nearly 10 years ago. she worked as an escort, he was one of her clients. >> does it make you nervous that we may think you did something? >> no. >> it should. >> as those jury deliberations continue, 2000/20 is breaking down -- 20/20 is breaking down the case. it's been a week since this douglas county detective was since. his colleagues say it is a miracle he is alive. in a few hours we are going to learn how doctors were able to save his life. now katie lasalle joins us from parker adventist hospital with more. good morning, katie. >> reporter: good morning to you. at last check we do know doctors have told us dan brite % is getting progressively better, but we know he was last listed in very critical condition following the
6:38 am
surgeries. today as you said, we are expected to learn more about his condition and what happened a week ago. we know last friday detective brite responded to a suicidal suspect who was heavily armed at the time. nearby schools went into lockdown. a shootout with police occurred before the suspect, randall rodick died in the exchange. since then brite's family has said they're thankful to the community. today the it can sheriff and -- ug will talk about the status of theeinvestigation. the trauma medicaa director at the hospital will speak about the care provided by staff. and detective brite's brother, steve, will speak on behalfof the family and expected to thank the community for the support that's been shown this past week. this is still an open and active investigation. the press conference starts at 8:30 here at the hospital this morning. we'll be here to bring you more no as soon as we get it both onair and online at -?
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7. ker, katie lasalle, denver %- it is 6:38. there's a push to change the way marijuana edibles are sold right here in colorado. why the current laws may be putting your kids at risk. the entire country was focused on our city last night. we're talking to city leaders
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6:41 am
it's friday, the bronc and the threat of severe weather is east of colorado. could it get better for us here in denver? we're watching for our friends east of the state. this will be the edge of the cold front we're dealing with -?now. as that front pushes east it will bring with it a threat for severe weather. from our viera wireless camera in burlington, a lot of fog. but in denver sunshine. 50s right now. here's your first alert we'll be in the 70s this afternoon. southbound i-25 i just saw an officer with his car on the
6:42 am
it's no factor. if you hear you need an alternate, don't believe it. southbound i-25 is looking at 20 minutes into downtown, very typical slowing, through 84th avenue. take a look at the map, the other big problem spot is on the westbound side of alameda, before sable. we've had an accident blocking all lanes. rerouted through the parking lot trying to get over to sable, and they continue west on alameda. you might still see those delays in aarora before you get to 225 >and liftoff of osiris-rex. seven-year mission to boldly go to he astroid benuu and back. >> alliance launch's spacecraft is now on a nasa mission to get a sample from an astroid.
6:43 am
i'm speeding towards my rendezvous with an astroid.
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6:45 am
it is 6:44 on this friday morning. we're celebrating a broncos' win. here's a live look at the flatirons in boulder. just gorgeous start to the day. some of you may need that extra cup of coffee. but don't worry, we're with you there as well. mazda is recalling millions of their cars because the rear hatch could fall on you. it impacts more than 2 million cars across the world, including nearly 800,000 here in the recalled models. we have some of them pulled up right here. there's the makes and the years for them. if you have one of these cars, check your mailbox and check your junk. mazda will let you know when you need to bring in your car. the samsung galaxy note 7 is under recall, but now users are being told notto use them on airplanes. one colorado springs student
6:46 am
phone. the feds don't want passengers to turn on or charge the phones while on the airplanes. don't put it in your checked luggage, either. in fort collins four people had to be taken to the hospital after they were possibly exposed to arsenic found in an abandoned storage trailer. the men were hired to prepare the trailer for auction. one of them opened a bottled labored arsenic -- labeled arsenic by accident. they were taken to the hospital to be it's to the certain if arsenic was in that bottle. it's now being tested. a new study says more steps need to be taken to make marijuana edibles less appealing to kids. this is out of the university of washington. our state has already made changes. for example, animal shaped edibles have been banned. but the study saas the color, smell, and taste of edibles all need to be changed to make sure kids don't want to eat them. a reminder that the hanging
6:47 am
graffiti cleanup tomorrow. while it will be a nice weekend to get out there, tomorrow is not the day. volunteers are also going to be installing new benches, performing general maintenance. the lake is one of our state's biggest tourist attractions. more than 100,000 visit each year. this weekend, you'll want to go some place else. it will be pretty perfect. a lot of sunshine on the mountains, plains to here's your cheat sheet. we are tracking a cold front, so winds are shifting now. we're looking at 70s today. it will warm up this weekend. highs are going to be in the 80s. we're tracking another storm that will bring more rain. the winds at this point about 10 to 15 miles per hour. a little bit breezier across northeastern colorado, with the front rolling through this morning. we're not going to see any cloud cover. this is a dry system. you can see here from loveland, it's beautiful. clear skies and a lot of
6:48 am
here's a live look from akron, where there's plenty of sunshine. farther east as you get into burlington we do have patchy fog. we're expecting a lot of sunshine today. we'll be in the mid-60s at 10:00. so it's going to be a slower warmup today. we'll hit 77 between about 2:00 and 4:00. that puts our numbers about 5 degrees below normal. really dry, though. clear skies. it makes for a chilly evening, though, tonight, early saturday morning upper 40s. if you're heading out tomorrow morning for a you'll need a sweatshirt, a light jacket. today denver 77. platteville 76. in parker and aurora, some mid- to upper 70s. bailey 73. still hot down to the southeast. upper 80s near pueblo and lamar. it is going to get warmer for uu here in town as well come saturday and sunday. so today we're at 77. sunshine through the weekend. that includes not only us here in denver, but up in the mountains.
6:49 am
of the two days this weekend we'll be in the upper 80s, and then e're tracking our next storm. so next week on monday to tuesday, better chance for a few storms. we're in the 70s, mid-70s mond, and it looks like potentially upper 60s to near 70 on tuesday. more cloud cover, cooler with some showers. look at that, 48. >>over night, yeah, going to be chilly early mmrning. >> my goodness. get frost maybe in the high country. we're looking straight down on highway 93 and 72 boulder and golden. this is one of those spots, this is the parking lot you' see daryl orr or other guys out there when it gets really windy, we'll start to see the winds crank up in the next couple of months, we'll see the folks, they'll park out in that parking loo and measure the wind speeds along highway 93. when the snow blows across, it makes for awful driving conditions. now a lot of sun 6th avenue,
6:50 am
denver. c-470, usual spots with sunshine. traffic building on 225, and clearing up the accident westbound alameda before sable. 225, southbound side, i-25 getting busier and typical busy areas up there to the north. no big issues yet on 470. it is just about 10 minutes before 7:00. how about that broncos' win? the game last night put denver in the national spotlight. >> our city went all out for the that seemed to overshadow recent issues downtown. out of town visitors we talked to weren't aware of the issues weeface,. >> it's awesome. denver has been in the national spotlight since the economy has changed hugely here. >> it means so much for the city. not only is the city growing and people are seeing how
6:51 am
is, this is bringing extra attention. >> city leaders are still trying to tally up the economic impact. just before 7:00 we're going to get you caught up on your big stores in the morning sprint. brandon marshall says he is already getting hate mail for taking a knee during the national anthem last night. a man and his daughter escape a house fire in
6:52 am
(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth with just one bite, they knew.
6:53 am
i think gary kubiak hasn't done anything wrong tonight. >> the denver broncos with a quarterback who had never thrown a pass. >> that is the best way to start the morning sprint this friday. the broncos beat the panthers on a last-sec missed field all eyes are on brandon -?marshall who decided to kneel during the national anthem. >> we've already heard reaction from him and both sides f the issue. jason gruenauer live to break it all down. >> reporter: when o say can you see came on, that's when brandon marshall went down to that knee. he is a former teammate of colin kaepernick who started
6:54 am
during the ational anthem. marshall said afterwards in the locker room it was about protesting social injustice. he said he's not anti-military or anti-police or anti-america. he said he would donate money to veterans charities. there are those who have come out to support and criticize his actions since then. the broncos came out and said they encourage players to stand for the national they espect athletes who if they choose to do otherwise. the same sentiment was echoed by gary kubiak as well. marshall says he plans on not anthems in future games. nal we also expected several other, nfl players on other teams to join the cause this coming sunday. we'll have to wait and see how many they are.
6:55 am
it's now 6:54. here's your first alert that we have another view on the stadium this morning, beautiful, a lot of sunshine. it was perfect last night. today it will be chillier. in the mid-50s. winds are shifting direction. cold front rolling through, leading to highs in the mid- to upper 70s today. it's a dry systemm we still have a lot of sunshine in store today. by 9:00 tonight we'll be at 59 81 saturday. then warmer on sunday, a high of 87. a better chance of storms next week. jayson, how much do you think cam newton hates the color orange? he hates it. also hates eating them, because he had to get the oranges out of his teeth. he >> what? >> somebody conked out at i-25 at 6th avenue. center lane is blocked and have backups to about santa fe. this is a big hazard for us and will affect the drive going ?nto downtown.
6:56 am
the usual spots. minor crash moved off the area near 84th. not a factor to traffic at least for now. >> reporter: good morning, i'm katie lasalle. in less than two hours we'll learn more about the officer- invooved shooting that happened in parker last friday. detective dan brite was shot in the chest by a suicidal suspect, and that man has since died. but detective brite has been here for the past week recovering. at first he was listed in very critical condition. we now kno was making promising progress. so today we'll hear from the douglas county sheriff and the d.a. about the current status of this active investigation, the hospital's trruma medical director will also speak about detective brite's condition, and his brother is expected to thank the community in parker, who's shown an ought pouring of --out pouring of support. we'll bring you that press
6:57 am
sooo as we get them. breaking overnight, one person is dead in an early morning house fire. this happened ii colorado springs. arson investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started and how the victim died. in lakewood, a 5-year-old girl was rescued by west metro firefighters after a fire broke out at her house. the girl and her dad were both taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation, but everyone made it out of the home okay. this happened at a home near kipling and morrison road. investigators think the fire star police in arvada need help finding a man caught on surveillance video peeping into a 17-year-old girl's bedroom window. the family's camera caught him doing it several times in fact. you can take a closer look at app right now. wells fargo is in the middle of a scandal. they just got fined $185 million for opening 2 million phony savings and credit
6:58 am
boost sales.. they did this without customers knowing, meaning you could have been paying fees for an account you didn't know you have. they will have to pay you back as a result of that. 5300 employees have also been fired because of this scheme. we have good news this morning from cu boulder. the school has set a new record for freshman enrollment. there are more than 6400 fresh many. that's up 3.7% from last year. overall they saw rise in enrollment.
6:59 am
7:00 am
george, america. breaking news, nuclear palace in north korea. the regime claims they've successfully tested what could be their most powerful nuclear weapon ever. president obama just leaving asia briefed on air force one overnight. temperatures boiling. a late summer heat wave, potential record temperatures closing schools in the northeast and the he morning for dangerous storms and flash floods. breaking overnight, dramatic rescue. dozens of tourists trapped in cable cars dangling thousands of feet in midair high above the french alps after the wires get tangled. helicopters forced to stop their rescue at nightfall, the moment passengers were finally lifted to safety. ? put me in coach ? and he's ready to play baseball. tim tebow going from a jet to a


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